New Yahoo Marketing Solutions Blog

JenSense interviewed Steve Mitgang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the global team, regarding the new Panama release last night on her podcast (you can listen to it here). In any event, she noted that Steve Mitgang said a new Yahoo Search Marketing blog is going to be launched soon, and Jen guessed it would be at, like the YPN Blog is hosted at So when I went to, I was redirected to, which is the Yahoo Marketing Solutions blog, with a link at the top to Yahoo Search Marketing and links down the right hand side to other Yahoo Blogs. Here is a screen shot if they happen to pull it.

Postscript: This blog is now officially live….

The new Yahoo! blog will feature:

– Timely information about the New Sponsored Search
– In-depth features about the new products and services from the team members who built them
– Inside tips from our own experts
– Guest posts from industry insiders
– Reports and recaps from industry events
– Insightful research from Yahoo!

Check out the blog at

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