Search Headlines & Links: October 27, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Google AdSense For Audio Coming Soon
    Blogs are buzzing on recent “credible” sources saying that Google is going to be releasing AdSense for Audio. SeekingAlpha writes Leak: Google Reorg and AdSense for Audio, Threadwatch writes Google to Re-Org: All Your Ads Are Belong to Us, eWeek writes Google AdSense for Audio Coming, writes Leak: Google to Re-Org IBM Style, and DMNews writes Rumor Has It…. All point to Google launching AdSense for Audio before the end of this year and focusing heavily on launching other forums of advertising media such ad podcasts….
  • Google To Hire TV Engineering Project Manager
    Gary Price spotted a new job posting at Google for a TV Engineering Project Manager at the Mountain View location. Before Google was hiring Television Engineers & Wireless Software Engineer, so I guess they now need someone to put these things all together, “to ensure a smooth and seamless release of software products to the market.”…
  • Windows Live Mobile Now Live
    Gary Price reports that Windows Live Mobile is now live at The features include: 1) Mail 2) Search beta 3) Spaces 4) Local 5) Messenger 6) beta 7) beta 8) MSNBC News 9) FOX Sports 10) Weather 11) Money 12) Entertainment 13) MSN Calendar More details at….
  • Competitive Intelligence & Link Searches
    Rand over at SEOMoz has a great write up on Long List of Link Searches where he goes through a sample client and how he would approach the competitive intelligence aspect of the SEO research. This is a must read for any SEO because he goes through “the obvious,” some “advanced operators,” “alternative search sources,” “directory search terms,” “blog & forum searches,” and “submit type searches.” The best part is that this is a practical example that gives you actionable items to run through in your own SEO practices. Gotta love Rand for doing this, most would not….
  • Microsoft Online Services Group Losses $136 Million in Q3
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft lost $136 million in the third-quarter within the online-services group. The money is going towards their continued effort to build up a competing Google product. The WSJ says, the loss is due to “competition with Google Inc. and growing investment by Microsoft in trying to improve its position against the Internet-search specialist.”…
  • Google Enhanced Google Alerts & Adds Blog Search Alerts
    The Google Blog announced that they have added Google Blog Search email alerts to the Google Alerts system. So like you were able to add alerts for Google News and other Google properties, you are now able to add alerts for Blog Search results. Google has also enhanced Alerts to “show results from multiple sources (including Google News, the web, and blogs).”…
  • Search Forums Roundup: Oct. 27, 2006
    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: NYT calls Google Bombing a ‘campaign tactic’ – Googling With Google Is Good, But Very Bad Elsewhere – Coming Soon: Yahoo Directory Tag, With ‘No’ Option – Did-it President Takes a Shot at SEO – What Does Your Holiday SEM Campaign Look Like? and more….

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