Mazda ‘Craves’ Clicks From Honda

Pontiac had a much celebrated TV ad in which the viewer was invited to “Google” its then-new Solstice convertible, but an ad for Mazda came up among the sponsored links. Here’s Danny’s earlier post on that episode. Now Mazda is at it again with its new CX-7.

Honda has mounted a clever user-generated content campaign (from RPA) for the newly redesigned CR-V. It also involves search (as well as traditional media). The name of the campaign is “Crave.”

I just discovered that when you plug in the word “Crave” into ‘The Google’, you see the Honda campaign ad at the top of the page, but also an ad on the right for the new Mazda CX-7, inviting comparison:

CRaVe Mazda CX-7
Discover the 2007 Mazda CX-7.
The SUV You Never Saw Coming™!

This hasn’t made its way yet to Yahoo. This tactic, intended to intercept and divert potential CR-V buyers, is identical to the Miata vs. Pontiac Solstice strategy used before.

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