Search Headlines & Links: November 1, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Watch Full Length Current & Classic NHL Games on Google Video
    As a longtime Vancouver Canucks fan, I can vividly remember the 1994 Stanley Cup Game 7 where unfortunately, they lost the Cup to the New York Rangers. Now, thanks to Google Video, you can now watch classic NHL hockey games like that one as well as all the current NHL games on their new NHL Google Video section. These are all full length videos of each game and you can easily click on your favorite teams to check out the games that are currently available. Go Canucks!…

  • Video from Search Engine Strategies AdSense Booth
    If you have yet to go to a Search Engine Strategies conference, the Google AdSense team will let you see it in action with a video they just released. While the focus of the video is publisher testimonials (I was one of those interviewed), you also get a nice peek at the conference as well, including how jam packed the keynote was when Danny Sullivan talked with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. You can view the video here….

  • To Power Lycos Search & Search Ads
    Reuters reports that has reached a deal with Lycos to power their search engine and search ads. Lycos is the 5th “most popular U.S. Web portal.” will provide Web search, image search, zoom search and ppc ads for the Lycos Network….

  • 100 Million Sites = Search Wins
    CNN reports that the Internet has now crossed a significant milestone; there are 100 million operating websites. The Web’s growth has been accelerating: “There were just 18,000 Web sites when Netcraft, based in Bath, England, began keeping track in August of 1995. It took until May of 2004 to reach the 50 million milestone; then only 30 more months to hit 100 million, late in the month of October 2006.” This is kind of like human population growth. The bottom line here is that the more unwieldy the Internet becomes, the more central search becomes as the main navigational tool….

  • Zotspot Wants To Share The Search Wealth
    One could plausibly argue that it’s crazy to do anything in the general (“horizontal”) search marketplace. But new engines continue to launch. The latest, having been in semi-stealth mode for the past several weeks, is Zotspot. Zotspot is a general-purpose engine that officially launched yesterday. Here’s the press release….

  • Yahoo’s Tim Converse Colors SEOs
    Tim Converse, the “spam fighter” at Yahoo, has a fun post he named Search engine optimization (SEO) from black to white. He tries to add nine colors between black and white. For example, a “dark gray” SEO is an SEO that “collects (aka steals) random text from other sites, and uses it to create thousands (or millions) of pages targeting particular queries. The pages have nothing original of value, but do have ads.” The new shades of black and white include; Dark inky black, Charcoal, Dark gray, Slate gray, Gray, Light gray, Off-white, White, and Luminescent pearly white….

  • New adCenter Blog & adCenter Lab Features
    There is a new location for the adCenter blog, it is now at (yea, the whole thing). Also, adCenter labs released updates for some of the tools. Search Funnel 1.5: This demo will be updated with over 4 million keywords added to the database. Keyword Forecast: This new demo will display a search term’s impression count forecast and demographic predictions in any format: flash, picture or text. I have screen captures of the Keyword Forecast at the Search Engine Roundtable – pretty neat stuff….

  • New Conference: “Elite Retreat” With ShoeMoney & SEOBook
    ShoeMoney, aka Jeremy Schoemaker, has informed me of an event he is co-running named Elite Retreat. The two-day event is will cover topics on SEO, Monetization, Arbitrage, SEM, PPC, and Blogging. The event is open to a maximum of 35 people in San Antonio on December 18th and 19th. Jeremy, Aaron Wall (SEO Book), Dave Taylor, Lee Dodd and Andrea Schoemaker will be the individuals running the conference. The agenda is posted here and it looks pretty exciting….

  • Google Click Fraud Settlement Payments Received
    I reported this morning that Google Advertisers Receiving Settlement Payouts for the refunds they were rewarded based on the Google Click Fraud Settlement. The amounts of those payments are making many advertisers feel like they were ripped off. For example, one advertiser informed us that they paid Google over $480,000 over the past three years and only received a credit of $280. You can check to see if you received a credit by viewing your “Billing Summary” under each campaign in your Google AdWords account….

  • Live Search Box Allows You To Add Live Search To Your Site
    Microsoft’s Live Search Blog informed us of a new feature where you can add the Windows Live Search box to your site. I have implemented the “Basic Search Box” on the Search Engine Roundtable, which means the box will display results on the Windows Live Search page. Below I will implement the “Advanced Search Box,” which means the box displays results on this site. More details at

  • Update On Google’s 2nd Publication Ad Test
    PPC Discussions received an update from Google on the next steps he should take for his Google newspaper ad test. Here are some select details….

  • Quick Access to Cool Yahoo Features
    Today’s SearchDay article, A Closer Look at Yahoo Shortcuts, is the third in our series looking at the special features search engines have implemented to speed up access to the information you care most about. The first two were A Closer Look at Ask’s Smart Answers and A Closer Look At Microsoft’s Instant Answers….

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