Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 7, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Text
    Link Ads Aquired By MediaWhiz

    Text Link Ads has been acquired by MediaWhiz as of yesterday. Text Link Ads (TLA)
    sells text advertisements on web sites and RSS feeds, they also have a
    publisher network where small publishers can earn money selling TLA ads on
    their own site. The dollar figures were not disclosed as part of the release.
    The Link Building Blog says notes that “the people you will be dealing with
    tomorrow at TLA will be the same people you have always dealt with since our
    doors opened in 2003.” They will be moving from Cincinnati to New York in a
    few months…

  • Australia’s Proposed Copyright Rules Would Make Search Engines Impossible,
    Warns Google

    AFP reports that Google has warned Australia that if they pass certain a new
    copyright law that it will set the country back to “the pre-Internet era.”
    Google’s senior counsel, Andrew McLaughlin, told the Senate Legal and
    Constitutional Affairs Committee, “If such advanced permission was required
    [to index pages], the internet would promptly grind to a halt.” I believe the
    issue here is that Australia wants Google to get copyright owners to opt in to
    having their content indexed, archived and cached, as opposed to opting out
    via a robots.txt file. Australia is not alone here; Belgium newspapers are
  • Google
    Recent FAQ List From WebmasterWorld

    I reported this morning that WebmasterWorldhas an excellent summary sticky
    thread with links to important and mostly recent topics that can be very
    useful to SEOs and Webmasters on Google optimization tips. Here is the
  • Use Of
    AdWords In US Senate Campaigns

    The Rimm-Kaufman Group conducted a small study on how the US Senate candidates
    and campaigns used Google AdWords this weekend to “swing Senate races” in the
    last minute hustle and bustle. Here is a quick punch list of ‘take aways’ they
    sent me from the study:…
  • YouTube,
    TIME’s Best Invention Of 2006

    If you missed it, TIME released their best inventions of 2006 and the best
    invention at the top of the list was YouTube. Why did it win?…
  • Third
    Update On Google’s 2nd Publication Ad Test

    In our continued coverage of an individual advertiser who has been invited to
    participate in the newspaper Google ad test, PPC Discussions has a 3rd update
    for us. On November 2nd he received an email from Google stating;…
  • AdWords
    Landing Page Quality Score Coming To AdSense Network

    Last night the Inside AdWords blog announced two main things. The first is
    that Google will be “improving the algorithm for evaluating landing page
    quality and incorporating landing page content retrieved by the AdWords
    system.” The second is that some (I believe many) AdSense publishers will see
    the impact of the landing page quality score. We’ll begin incorporating
    landing page quality into the Quality Score for your contextually-targeted
    ads, using the same evaluation process as we do for ads showing on
    and the search network. Advertisers who may be providing a poor experience on
    their site will notice that…
  • Google’s
    Adam Lasnik Interviewed

    Lee Odden interviewed Adam Lasnik of Google the other day. Adam Lasnik is one
    of the folks at Google responsible for being the voice of the webmaster. His
    day job is to help webmasters with ranking and indexing issues either through
    communication or other means. I find the read interesting and helpful – it
    really shows that Google cares….
  • Windows
    Live Local Gets “Virtual Earth” 3-D Cities

    Tomorrow Microsoft will bring dramatic 3-D mapping to the browser window.
    Windows Live is set to launch photorealistic 3-D imagery for the “urban core”
    of 15 U.S. cities: San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Los
    Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit, Phoenix, Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver,
    Dallas and Fort Worth. An image of virtual San Francisco, as provided by
    Microsoft, is above….

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