Eric Schmidt At Web 2.0 On YouTube & Other Issues

John Battelle spoke with Eric Schmidt at Web 2.0 yesterday. What have we got?
YouTube’s growth made it a necessary purchase. No, money’s not set aside to
cover YouTube legal claims. Yes, you can have your date if you want it, users.
No, Google’s not trying to take out Microsoft Office. Plus some more below.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt: We
would never trap user data
from ZDNet has coverage that has Schmidt saying:

  • Google bought YouTube because it was growing faster than Google Video, and
    video was a "fundamental data type" to Google.
  • Google’s still figuring out ways to compensate content owners with video,
    a complex area.
  • Google would support exporting personal data (search history, email, etc)
    to other providers, if it can be authenticated.
  • Google’s office products are "casual" and not aimed at Microsoft.

Google CEO denies rumor of YouTube legal reserve
from Reuters quotes Schmidt
as saying "not true" to a

that $500 million of the YouTube sales prices was set aside for legal

@ Web 2.0: Day
One Highlights: Ad 2.0; Google CEO; Skype Content
from PaidContent covers
Schmidt but also touches on IAC’s Barry Diller saying in a separate interview
that he doesn’t expect Google will become a media monopoly or dominant player.

Web 2.0 Con: Liveblogging the "Conversation with Eric Schmidt"
Valleywag has a nice minute-by-minute rundown of the interview, for those that
want more — and covers that if Schmidt or one of the cofounders Larry Page or
Sergey Brin don’t agree on something, the cofounder wins. "I’m the one with the
experience who’s late. Left to their own devices they’d be early and right, but
too early."

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