Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 13, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Merge
    Historical Maps With Current World In Google Earth

    Google Earth in 4D from Googling Google is a very nice catch about how Google
    Earth now allows you to view historical maps within the software. Want to see
    how people thought the world used to look, before all those satellites were
    taking pictures? A new layer makes this possible….
  • Google
    Video Getting Caption Search; Customizing The Player & More Features

    This weekend, the Google Operating System blog wrote up a trifecta on Google
    Video. It explained that Google Video is apparently to allow you to search
    inside videos by matching captioning information, if provided. Eventually,
    Google Video keyword alters are also to be offered. Google OS also highlighted
    that Google is offering more stats on a particular video’s usage, such as
    number of views, the overall rank, the number of views from yesterday,
    yesterday’s rank and more. Finally, Google OS showed ways to customize the
    embedded Google Video player to make it larger, smaller, loop, add send
    buttons and other…
  • Yahoo
    Publisher Network Executives Leaving Yahoo has confirmation of rumors from Valleywag that two top
    executives in the Yahoo Publisher Network group are leaving Yahoo. Bill Demas,
    the Senior VP of Yahoo Publishing Network, is departing Yahoo to “pursue his
    goal of leading a small company or venture.” Also, Will Johnson, VP and GM, of
    Yahoo Publishing Network won’t be with YPN much longer. Yahoo says that Josh
    Siegel will replace Will Johnson….
  • Google
    Updates 3rd Party Sitemaps Generator Tools Directory

    The Google Webmaster Central Blog informed us that they have updated their
    Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites page. So if some past tools did not
    work, give this new list a chance….
  • Google’s
    Schmidt Says Cell Phones Should Be Free

    CNN Money reports that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt saying, “Your mobile phone
    should be free.” He said Google has no plans to give phones away itself, but
    he foresees advertising making phones free or near free, in the way newspapers
  • Google
    Ranks Google Video Questioning Iran’s Authority Over Tabriz

    Via Valleywag and The Guardian, Iran is upset with Google over ranking a
    Google Video too high in the Google results. The video titled Tabriz –
    Azerbaijan describes that the ancient city Tabriz is located in Southern
    Azerbaijan, suggestion it shouldn’t be part of Iran. A Google search on [tabriz
    azerbaijan] shows the Google Video as (currently) number one with a snippet
    that reads; “This video shows Tabriz, a city in Southern Azerbaijan, currently
    in the territory of Iran.” A search for [tabriz] shows this result at the
    bottom of the first page or top of second page. Iran is…
  • SEMPO’s
    2006 Search Marketing Survey

    SEMPO has been surveying search marketers since the inception of the
    organization. Kevin Lee wrote a ClickZ article asking search marketers to
    Voice Your Opinion. SEMPO surveys provide very insightful data, statistics and
    research for the industry. So please take the time to complete the survey over
    here. You will be given the results when the report is completed….
  • Articles
    On Google’s Copyright Conflicts From Me & New York Times

    A Struggle Over Dominance and Definition is good New York Times article out
    today that looks at Google and whether it is a media company that conflicts
    with other media owners, especially in terms of using content from others
    without permission. It also sparked me to finally finish a long piece I’ve
    been meaning to do on Google, search engines and copyright issues. Search
    Engines, Permissions & Moving Forward In Copyright Battles is now up over at
    my personal blog Daggle, covering the important difference between indexing
    and reprinting, how robots.txt already provides a permissions system, why
    Google should…

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