Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 14, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Video Search Beyond YouTube
    Google’s recent purchase of YouTube is yet another sign that video search is one of the hottest areas on the web today. But while YouTube seems synonymous with video on the web, there are many other video search services available, and many offer valuable tools and features not found elsewhere. In today’s SearchDay article, Video Search Made the Internet Star, SEW managing editor Elisabeth Osmeloski take a look at a number of these video search services….
  • New Demographic Heatmaps From HotPads
    HotPads is a map-based rental housing search site. The site has launched new heatmaps that contain interesting demographic information showing such data as age, income, percentage of renters and average rent. For example, here’s per capita income in Mahattan. I have some thoughts on what this means for ad targeting on my blog. The site previously created mashups for the November U.S. elections….
  • Program Note: Danny & I Are In Vegas
    Danny is currently on a plane to Vegas and I am already in Vegas. News here will probably be much slower than a normal week. Also, I think I will be including more items in headlines as opposed to blogging them individually. Finally, if you want to keep up what is going on at the WebmasterWorld PubCon conference, Chris, Donna and I will be providing live coverage from the event. Our coverage schedule is here and just check the Search Engine Roundtable for updates throughout the day….
  • Google Officially Buys YouTube
    Yesterday, Google announced that they have officially closed the deal on YouTube, acquiring them for “3,217,560 shares, and restricted stock units, options and a warrant exercisable for or convertible into an aggregate of 442,210 shares, of Google’s Class A common stock.” For more details, please check out the press release….
  • AskTheLocal UK Shopping Search Engine
    AskTheLocal is a shopping search engine with a subtle difference; rather than find websites that offer particular products it matches the search query with a postcode to enable shoppers to visit a shop in person to buy the product. Another important difference is the reference to ‘postcode’ rather than zip code, because AskTheLocal is a UK resource. The concept is very simple – retailers list their products with the search engine and users input their location and then search for products using free text terms rather than a listing or menu approach. The results screen then usually displays a photograph…
  • InfoSpace Launches Kid-Friendly Search Engine
    InfoSpace has launched kid-friendly search engine, which provides web and news search. Intentionally there is no image search at launch. The content comes from Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia with news content from ABC News, Fox News and Yahoo News. uses several methods to screen out adult sites and phrases and doesn’t generate results for some queries. For example, a search for “sex” yields zero results….

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