Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 22, 2006

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  • Thanksgiving Programming Note
  • Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, and Happy Thanksgiving to
    all celebrating! Barry and I will be off the blog because of the holiday, so
    there will be no postings from us or a daily search headlines recap. Barry may
    be back to do light postings and/or headlines on Friday, unless he takes my
    advice to relax and take that day off as well! I’ll be back on Monday….

  • Mid-November 2006 Search News Recap Posted

    If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine
    Update newsletter has been posted. It recaps top stories in search from the
    first part of this month….
  • SEM
    Certification & Training Courses

    The move toward offering certification and training in search marketing is
    accelerating. Here’s a rundown on some new courses and developments I’ve heard
    of recently….
  • Google
    Finance’s Untrusted Links & Spotting Nofollow

    For several months, I’ve been using the Search Status plug-in for Firefox to
    highlight links that are flagged with the nofollow attribute, a way for site
    owners to say they don’t vouch for or necessarily trust a link. You see the
    web in a entirely new light after discovering how often and where people are
    saying “I don’t trust this.” And today, I finally noticed it happening over on
    Google Finance. The image above show how Google Finance looks when links with
    nofollow are highlighted in red, for the page on Google stock price. All the
    news stories –…
  • Search
    Popularity Stats, Sliced & Diced

    Catch up time on search engine popularity stats. comScore and NetRatings put
    out October 2006 figures this week, plus Hitwise released those earlier this
    month. Google’s still tops, Yahoo still strong, Microsoft is still dropping
    and Ask surpasses AOL’s search share, according to comScore. Below, the trend
    from all of them over the past year, plus my long-promised
    compare-and-contrast charts….
  • Baidu
    Wins Copyright Case Against Music Companies

    Melanie Colburn writes that Music Labels Lose Copyright Suit Against Baidu,
    which started back when Five Music Companies Sue Baidu in September of 2005.
    Baidu was previously ordered to stop these music downloads but it appears the
    ruling was overturn because all Baidu is providing are links to 3rd party
    sites that facilitate the music downloads, whereas Baidu does not participate
    in the downloads themselves. More details at the BBC News….
  • Link
    Exchanges Are Spam Links According To Microsoft

    The other day I reported that Microsoft Banning Sites from For Link
    Exchanges, where I uncovered an email sent to a Webmaster. The email stated
    that a particular site was removed from the Search index because the
    site was “acquiring links through posting to or exchanging links with sites
    unrelated to your site content.” The email also added that these types of
    links are “spam links,” and is the reason the site was delisted from the
  • Google
    Says AdWords Not Basing Keyword Prices On Conversion Metrics

    I reported this morning at SERoundtable that AdWordsAdvisor Denies Google Uses
    Conversion Tracking & Analytics To Determine Minimum Bids. Yes, Google has
    come out on the Internet to make it clear to everyone that Google is not using
    data from their conversion tracking scripts of Google Analytics to determine
    the minimum price of keywords. This was a recent rumor that began with the new
    AdWords algorithm coming into play….
  • Social
    Search Manipulation: Case Study

    Niall Kennedy has one of the most thorough write-ups on why search spam exists
    with his article “The Spam Farms of the Social Web.” The article explains how
    he stumbled upon a spam site, researched the site to death, guesstimates on
    how much money they can make and services that help you make it rank well.
    This includes a look at blogs, digg,, other social sites, link
    building tactics, directory inclusion, content writing, and more….

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