Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 27, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today and since last Wednesday to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged
separately. Note that the recap of our stories and headlines around the web are
longer than normal due to us being largely off over the Thanksgiving holiday.
There was a lot of catch-up to do!

From The SEW Blog…

  • Q&A On
    Google’s Belgium News Agreements

    This week, news emerged about an agreement between Google and two Belgian
    author groups that were suing it over copyright issues. Below, a short Q&A on
    what this means for Google. Highlights: The case goes on with three other
    groups taking part, but large damages seem unlikely. The new deal gives
    especially seems to give Google photo rights. Google says it is not doing an
    about-face on opt-out in Denmark. More about these an other issues covered
    below, based on a talk with Google spokesperson Jessica Powell. Plus, some
    bonus stats on how much traffic newspapers get from search engines….
  • Matt
    Cutts On Site Problems & Mistakes To Avoid

    Ever wonder what is going through the head of a Matt Cutts (Googler) while he
    is sitting on a site reviews panel reviewing sites? Matt Cutts posted his
    detailed notes of the panel he did in Vegas at PubCon. He explains some on
    site problems and mistakes a webmaster should avoid. It is worth a read,
    because Matt totally kicked my coverage of that session….
  • The
    Complete Google Master Plan

    Google Operating Systems located and posted the Full Google Master Plan 1.0.
    Remember about a month and a half ago, the Google Master Plan was erased?
    Well, according to Google OS, said it was erased because it was getting a bit
    “crufty.” The image was taken by Chris diBona, here it is:…
  • Search
    Forums Roundup: Nov. 27, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: Hack Your
    Competition Out of Organic Search – MSN And Yahoo Join Google With Sitemaps –
    How Local Search And SEM Relates – What to Look for When Purchasing Links? –
    What Tools Does An SEO Guru Use? and more….
  • Google
    Settles With Some Belgian Publishers Over Belgium News Inclusion

    Via Techmeme, news that Google has settled with two Belgian publishing groups
    involved in a lawsuit against it over content included in Google News Belgium.
    This comes a day after Google’s legal case was reheard in an appeal. The
    settlement, following what seems a similar settlement with AP earlier this
    year, seems to open the door that Google is going to continue making such
    appeasements rather than fight cases in court….
  • Google
    Sending Out AdSense Holiday Gifts

    It is that time of the year again. We have our first report of a Google
    Adsense holiday gift from WebmasterWorld. The gift appears to be a 3.6 inch
    TFT digital photo frame. No pictures of the frame yet, but I hope someone
    emails one to me….
  • Google
    Video France Sued For Copyright Infringement

    Reuters reports Google France was sued by Flach Film, a French film producer,
    for copyright infringement. They claim their video, “The World According to
    Bush,” was published on Google Video France, and viewed more 50,000 times,
    before Google removed the video. The French film producer estimates $648,700
    in prejudice but Google said “our terms and conditions specify that users
    (Internet surfers) don’t have permission to use videos which they don’t own
    the rights to.” Google has put away $200M for copyright case legal issues with
    the YouTube acquisition….
  • Google
    To Go To Belgium Court Finally

    The AP reports that Google is finally going to show up in court to present
    their side of the case in the Belgium copyright suit. Google has never showed
    up to fight the publishers and papers in Belgium the first time the case was
  • Google
    Blog Results Search Creep

    Andy Boyd found Google testing blog search results at the bottom of the Google
    search results. He posted a screen capture here, as you can see, it is fairly
    similar to how they have integrated news archive results into Google
  • Yahoo
    Image Search Bug Showed Sex Images For Innocent Search

    Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, The Register reported that a search at Yahoo
    Images for franchise returned very offensive and disturbing images. I will not
    describe the images, but I saw them myself and as soon as I saw it, I emailed
    my contacts at Yahoo. Soon after the images were pulled from the search
    results. It seems to me that someone figured out a way to easily insert
    pornographic images into Yahoo images for a search term even with safe search
    on. The Register has blurred and censored screen captures of the first line of
  • Extended
    Indented Google Results Bug?

    Philipp Lenssen spotted listings with more than one indented results for a
    search on get fuzzy. The first two results were from and the two
    other indented results were from Yahoo News. All these results were under the
    first listing, so we had three indented results showing under the top listing.
    Typically, there is only one indented result and no more. I cannot replicate
    this, it seems like a weird bug that may have been fixed. Philipp has a screen
    capture of it in action….
  • Google
    Book Search Catches Victorian Plagiarists

    We tend to assume that plagiarism is a reasonably modern day phenomena but a
    fascinating article from Paul Collins “Dead Plagiarists Society” illustrates
    that is not always the case. In fact it would appear that Victorian authors
    stole work from earlier authors who in turn had stolen it from even earlier
    ones, and the article gives some nice examples of this. More importantly, it
    provides a fascinating use for Google Book Search, which I’d certainly not
    considered before, and it’s actually a rather interesting experiment – take a
    partial sentence, plug it into book search and add words onto the…
  • SEM
    Certification & Training Courses

    The move toward offering certification and training in search marketing is
    accelerating. Here’s a rundown on some new courses and developments I’ve heard
    of recently….

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