Linkbombing Against Anti-Martin Luther King Jr Site

In case you missed it, there’s a new link bombing campaign
underway to
try and reduce the rankings of an anti-Martin Luther King Jr. web site. The
campaign raises all sorts of issues, ranging from those who disagree with the
nature of that site and want it gone to those who might want all viewpoints
represented in results, even if they disagree with them.
Dropping Google
Bombs Against Hate
from Nicholas Carlson at is a good
overview of the situation with quotes from the major search engines.

Doing down Martin Luther King
from Phil Bradley gets into the issue of
whether a campaign is bad despite the good intentions.

Threatening librarians
is a follow up from him on how failure to change some
links might get
a site entered into the “Skinhead Enablers Hall Of Shame.” Do your campaign,
hope people join with it — but threatening librarians that fail to link the way
you want that they’ll be skinheads? That’s overboard.

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