Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 28, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Advertiser Details On Google Audio Ads

    Donna Bogatin over at Digital Micro-Markets has posted what look to be
    PowerPoint slides designed to explain how Google Audio Ads will work for
    advertisers. The PowerPoint slides show how Google plans to bridge the
    advertisers with the consumers, how they deliver the ads to the radio and how
    many people Google thinks they can reach with the ads. As we reported earlier,
    we are expecting Google Audio Ads To Be Tested By End Of Year….
  • Google
    Quality Raters Leaving Traces When They Visit Sites

    This morning I reported at SER that Google’s EWOQ Search Referral String are
    being found in webmasters web analytics tools. For example, some people are
    recently noticing the URL
    coming up in their referrals analytics. When I try to go to that URL, it tells
    me I do not have sufficient privileges to access that area. This EWOQ is the
    place for Google quality raters to leave feedback to Google on relevancy and
    search quality of the results….

  • Linkbombing Against Anti-Martin Luther King Jr Site

    In case you missed it, there’s a new link bombing campaign underway to try and
    reduce the rankings of an anti-Martin Luther King Jr. web site. The campaign
    raises all sorts of issues, ranging from those who disagree with the nature of
    that site and want it gone to those who might want all viewpoints represented
    in results, even if they disagree with them. Dropping Google Bombs Against
    Hate from Nicholas Carlson at is a good overview of the
    situation with quotes from the major search engines. Doing down Martin Luther
    King from Phil Bradley gets into the issue…
  • Live’s
    Erik Selberg On Microsoft’s Tough Search Challenge

    Talk about the echo chamber coming full circle. The stats on Microsoft’s
    search share decline that I posted last week were commented on by Erik Selberg
    of Microsoft’s search team in his General disarray at The Big 3 post.
    He provides a fresh, honest assessment of Microsoft’s search challenge ahead
    from someone in the rank-and-file:…
    Challenges You To Stop The Fat Naked Man From Dancing

    Phil Bradley spotted an ad in the London Metro today, asking you to take the Challenge and win prizes by searching. has more
    details. There’s a YouTube video with a fat, hairy man doing a striptease
    (also shown above, if you don’t want to click over). The joke challenge is to
    stop Sam (the man in the video) from dancing by searching at The real
    challenge is that by searching, you can win prizes if you get a
    congratulations message appearing in your search results….
  • Google:
    Not TV Network But TV Adjunct

    Via Threadwatch, a transcript of a conversation between ABC reporter Alan
    Kohler and Richard Kimber, managing director of sales and operations for South
    East Asia of Google. In the conversation, Kohler asks: “But do you see Google
    eventually becoming a sort of a free-pay TV network, showing, effectively, TV
    channels on Google?” Kimber responds that at Google, “we don’t see it as
    cannibalising the TV, but more as an adjunct to it.” So services like Google
    will provide will enable on-demand viewing, as an “adjunct” to TV viewing….
  • Google
    Tells Mobile Internet Providers To Stop Blocking Them

    ZDNet reports that Google’s Chris Sacca, head of special initiatives at
    Google, spoke at Oxford University and said mobile operators are trying to
    block Google’s applications, specifically Google’s Mobile Maps. “We’ve been
    getting notes from some of the telco carriers who are saying ‘look, you need
    to stop our customers from downloading this thing’.”…
  • Yahoo
    China’s President Xie Wen Resigns After Six Weeks

    PC Advisor reports that Xie Wen, president of Yahoo China, has resigned after
    only six weeks on the job. Zeng Ming, senior vice-president of Alibaba, will
    replace Xie, who is resigning for “personal reasons.” Xie will stay on as a
    consultant for Yahoo for an undisclosed time period. This follows on Google
    China’s president apparently announcing he would be resigning earlier this
    month, though I can’t find a more detailed story about that….
  • Exalead
    CEO Warns Of “Google Monster” & Closed Yahoo & Microsoft

    The Multilingual Search Blog covers Exalead CEO Francois Bourdoncle taking a
    big stick and swinging at Google in a keynote talk at SES Paris. He positions
    his own service as potentially the savior for those in Europe worried about
    the “Google monster.” Beyond Google, he also criticizes Yahoo and Microsoft
    for collaborating on a “closed” sitemaps protocol. I’d say the Cold War
    against American-based search engines is going up a notch….

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