Google Audio Ads Sign-Up Page Live

Google Audio Ads now appears to be opening to sign-ups, sort of. sent me a heads-up about
three new URLS that are (somewhat) active:

I can’t get the overview page to load, at the moment. The sign-up page takes
you to a page that says "Create a Google Account – Audio Ads" at the top. These
seems designed for those who don’t already have some type of account with

Since I do have a Google Account, I followed the sign-in link rather than try
to create a new account. This sent me back to the Google Audio Ads home page,
which — of course — wasn’t loading.

However, if I went to my main Google Accounts
page, then in the My
Services section, I could see Audio Ads having been added. Clicking on that link
took me — yes, back to the non-functional Google Audio Ads home page.

Others might have more luck — perhaps this is just rolling out. Information
for advertisers already
leaked out
earlier today. Or possibly, someone’s stumbled onto the sign-up that’s only open
(and working) for preapproved account holders.

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