Ingenio Grows its Mobile Pay-per-Call Network

Pay-per-call provider Ingenio has added JumpTap, the mobile search provider behind Alltel and other carriers, to its ad network. It now has five mobile partners, including AOL and Microsoft.

According to Ingenio’s CMO, the nature of mobile searches on its network has been changing from at-hand or impulse searches for things like taxis, restaurants or flowers, a quarter of mobile searches are now made in more “considered purchase” categories, like financial services, travel, or cable and satellite TV.

That creates new opportunities for search marketers, as long as they understand what a call is worth to a client. Keywords for those “considered” categories tend to fetch a higher price in Ingenio’s auction, as much as $6 to $30 per call compared to a $2 to $4 range for impulse buys.

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