Why is “news” a stop word in Google News?

If you use Google News to search for the term, Google News, you are told “news” is a very common word and was not included in your search. That makes sense if you were search for news about Google. But, what if you were searching for news about Google News? You have to conduct a precise search for “Google News” in order to find:

Google News forced to suppress copyrighted images
editorsweblog.org – Dec. 12, 2006: Google News, which has usually been resilient when put under copyright pressure issues, suffered a first drawback.

What’s Up with Google News and Centcom.mil’s Access to It?
NewsBusters – Dec 9, 2006: Google has responded, but generically, and poorly. Meanwhile, press releases that verge on being pure pap are routinely displayed in Google News results.

The press vs. Google a copyright case to watch
WTN News, WI – Dec. 11, 2006: Does Google News – which displays thumbnail images, headlines, and story leads in connection with links to complete news stories on external websites – infringe copyrights in the original photographs and news stories?

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