Newsknife names top news sites of 2006

The folks at Newsknife have just announced the Top News Sites of 2006. Their list is compiled by analyzing a sample of 438,330 individual site listings at Google News by 4504 sites for 1768 news items during year.

The Top News Sites of 2006 are:
1 ABC News
2 New York Times
3 Reuters
4 Washington Post
5 Times Online, UK
6 Forbes
7 Guardian Unlimited, UK
8 Voice of America
9 Christian Science Monitor
10 International Herald Tribune
11 Bloomberg
12 CNN

This is the fifth year of Newsknife’s “Top News Sites” ratings. And the big news in 2006 is how little the list of top sites has changed over the last three years. Are some news sites born to rule?

Neil Pharazyn, the Newsknife spokesperson, says, “Despite the belief that the internet is unleashing a wave of change, it appears that an aristocracy of news sites is settling in. It looks unlikely that newcomers will replace these sites soon as America’s favorite news sources. And, many of these sites have print media associations. Maybe printed news will be around for a while too.”

Now, that would be big news!

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