New social search engine, Decipho, launched today

A new social search engine called Decipho was launched today.

Here are some of the major features of Decipho:

1. Decipho filters the search results by user preferences and breaks them into categories. It is able to do this by allowing users to categorize the results –­ shopping, info & categories of their own choosing­– and the storing them for future searches and allowing others to see what websites were ranked and for what category.

2. Another unique feature Decipho offers is the “My Results” section. While logged into your account, when a website you have already ranked appears in another keyword search, the system will pull out that search listing to the top right side (next to general results) even if it is listing number 40.

3. The “Keyword Rankings” link next to all of the search results breaks down user-votes by categories for each keyword search that a site is ranked under, and displays them in percentages.

4. Another feature Decipho has added to narrow your search is the Social Meter. This allows you to select what percentage a websites user ranking for a specific category must be equal to or greater than.

5. Another feature is the Claim a Website option. When you see an image or logo next to a search result and a link below it called Owners Message, this means the website owner has written there own description about their site for you to read. An example of this is if you do a search for decipho. Listing one, which is, will show you what the claim a website
looks like. This will appear whenever this website appears in a search.

6. Users while signed into their accounts may add their own categories to rank websites. Users may rank a website as many categories as they choose to and these rankings will show whenever this website appears in a search they conduct as well as in the My Results.

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