Mixing user-submitted content and traditional content

Bambi Francisco of MarketWatch says, “Navel-gazers will be the stars in 2007.”

Or, to put her cryptic headline into context, “Today, however perilous it may be, businesses are relying more on the audience, or the user — to use the au courant term — to tap into their self-absorbed, I-am-somebody, navel-gazing inclinations. Turn your readers into writers, is one of the mantras of Wikia, a wiki-hosting service.”

Well, flaming your readers is one way to boost the number of comments on your blog, I guess.

But, if you can get past the provocative opening, her commentary is full of some interesting news nuggets, including this one: “About 30% of online news site Topix.net comes from user-generated or reader comments. That’s expected to jump to about 50% next year, Topix.net’s CEO Rich Skrenta tells me.”

Now, you won’t get an argument from me about that.

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