Malicious Tagging and the Slippery Slope

Malicious tagging is defined as “injecting keywords or for self-promotion in general.” We wonder where the slippery slope begins on this one.

See this announcement for papers at upcoming AIR conference.

The fight continues against adversarial information retrieval (AIR), which is more commonly known as spamdexing. All to be applauded, but what about malicious tagging in general? Yes, you get irrelevant garbage. You know it when you see it, right? Thinking about what constitutes malicious tagging is worth time and effort.

What about making sure we don’t create “type II errors” where tagging is incorrectly treated as malicious? What if you are…selling 10,000 different items that are all the same thing? Advertising geographically-based businesses? Researching a topic and sharing it with colleagues? Enjoying a special but very common hobby?

It seems like tagging makes sense and might seem malicious as you spread the joy. We’d like to know where and when this transforms from a good thing exactly.

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