YouTube and Google Video Subscriptions in Outlook Email

In October 2006 comScore Media Metrix ) reported that more than 63 million people worldwide, age 15 and over, visited Fueling this growth are the 65,000 new videos being uploaded daily just to YouTube. Among the tools available for users looking for ways to manage the increasing flood of video content is the new inclue! Media Inbox, version 1.2 that integrates with the Outlook email program.

The inclue! Media Inbox is one of a few RSS (real simple syndication) readers that can be used with Outlook and Outlook Express. It includes features whereby users can enter a keyword search and get video updates delivered from Google Video and YouTube. Inclue! also supports audio. Viewers can create their own channels and view the videos or listen to the audio directly in Outlook.

You Tube and Google Video are all about sharing video experiences. The phenomenal growth of video-sharing sites and the number of videos being added to these sites daily has created a need for tools like inclue! that will enable users to better manage video content. Today, video content can be shared through email, embedded in blogs or posted to a site either as individual videos or as part of playlists. Viewers can subscribe to RSS feeds of their favorite video channels. They can even create their own playlists and receive alerts with tools like inclue!. when new video is posted.

Effective distribution and optimization of video content today relies heavily on the tagging that users add when posting a new video. The more accurate the tags are on each video, the easier the video is to find. With the growth of tools like inclue! it is incumbent on search marketers to develop a rich understanding of emerging tactics for video search optimization.

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