Google Shows Quality Scores For Christmas

Barry Schwartz over at SERoundtable has capture the first sighting of the Google Quality score in an AdWords campaign.He has a screenshot of the new update that I have not been upgraded to yet in our many accounts.

It appears as if Google has replaced the edit listing column with a listing of the Quality Score for each keyword.

This is going to be a fun thing to work with in the new year. From what was shown you either have great or poor. Poor being for terms that need to be reactivated. Guess the impact of a particular ad is not part of the equation yet, though to get it to that level will take some clever work.

Right now it is not a default setting. As the help section tells you:

The Quality Score column displays your keyword’s Quality Score to help you monitor your keyword relevance. This is a customizable column that is disabled by default for new accounts. It can be enabled at any time.

First opinions and comments by those who have already been switched over can be posted here.

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