Movements in Mobile Search Land

Mobile search has been quite, well, mobile lately. Becoming a regular topic in search marketing conferences, and often discussed in various forums and blogs, mobile search certainly seems to be one of the bigger trends emerging in late 2006 into 2007.

As announced and discussed in various blogs and news sites, Yahoo! seems to be making most of the news in the past couple of weeks, but there are plenty of others to keep an eye out for.

Greg Sterling discussed the acquisition by Yahoo! of Dash on January 3. This deal will help Yahoo! provide mobile search in cars, and as Mark Walsh points out in MediaPost, allows Yahoo! to claim a spot in the field of automobile mobile providers along with Google. Mark reminds that Google is currently working on a project with Volkswagen (nice intro here) to provide what may would hope would the “farfegnugen” (interesting definition in this thread) of mobile search.

Today, Mark wrote in detail about Yahoo!’s announcement of oneSearch for Go 2.0 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas , previewed yesterday at Search Engine Land.

In addition, and with good timing some will feel, 4info announced that they are upgrading their mobile search product to provide one click search instead of requiring text message responses to queries. Mark at MediaPost is on top of this story as well, and there is no announcement as of yet at the 4info Blog.

Mobile search is “where it’s at,” to quote Beck. Two sessions at SES Chicago covered the latest technology and how search engines are helping to provide platforms for more user-friendly mobile search. Coverage can be found here and here.

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