Search Headlines & Links: Jan. 17, 2007

A selection of stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with today’s search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • Former Boss Heads to IAC
    Former and CEO Peter Horan has been named CEO of IAC Media & Advertising, overseeing, Citysearch, consumer applications and portals, and the ad sales group.
  • Wired Writes Yahoo’s Eulogy
    Wired has penned a 3,200-word eulogy to Yahoo, chronicling Yahoo CEO Terry Semel’s refusal to buy Google for $5 billion in 2002 (about the value of Yahoo itself at the time); the difficulties in integrating Yahoo’s directory, Inktomi’s search engine, and Overture search ad system; and the delays of Panama.
  • What Are SEO Best Practices?
    Best practices for search engine optimization are constantly evolving, and are starting to look more like conventional business plans. Following best practices can greatly contribute to the success or failure of your SEO efforts.
  • SEMPO Brings State of Search Marketing Survey to Europe
    For the first time, SEMPO is fielding a European version of its “State of the Search Marketing Industry” survey. It’s designed to estimate the size of European corporate spending on search engine marketing activities and to document key SEM trends in Europe.
  • Miva InLine Ads Now Self-Serve
    Pay-per-click ad network Miva is consolidating its search ads, contextual text ads and in-line text ads under a single management console, dubbed Miva Monetization Center (MC).
  • Jimmy Wales Discusses Search Wikia on MarketWatch
    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales went face to face with Bambi Francisco on today’s MarketWatch, and shared more about the concept of Search Wikia, a new social search engine designed to combine algorithmic results with user voting and contribution features.

Headlines & News from Elsewhere:

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