Searchles releases social media’s first push-me/pull-me widget

Searchles today released a fully integrated widget that keeps web traffic where it should be – on your site. It is the first social widget that doesn’t take the user off the source page to bookmark, tag, share or comment on content. It automatically pushes and pulls tags and comments back to the source page, and recommends related content from the source site and elsewhere.

The Searchles’ widget is targeted at blogs, online media, social networking, audio and video websites that want to tap into the viral power of social media while building closer connections between their audience and content. Among its key features:
* With the widget installed, users never leave the source website to bookmark, tag, share, group or comment on content. This requires user registration at Searchles.
* Tags and comments on the source website are automatically “pushed” into Searchles just as tags and comments at Searchles itself are automatically “pulled” back to the source site – viewable instantly in both places.
* Users can receive notifications to automatically know when another user has replied to their comments and are prompted to return.
* By using your mouse to scroll over tags within the widget, Searchles will automatically recommend related content biased to the source site and then elsewhere on the web. No registration is required for this feature.
* The Searchles’ widget doesn’t hog valuable site real estate – it integrates very unobtrusively at the bottom of source content, collapsing and expanding within the source site as the user interacts.
* It is easy to install with just one line of code – and easy and intuitive to use.

You can see how the Searchles widget works at, or you get one for your website at:

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