PodZinger Releases 2006 Top Search Terms for Audio and Video

PodZinger, the audio/video search engine has released the top searches and trends on its site for 2006. At PodZinger sports, talk personalities and world news dominate audio search while current events and pop culture rule online video.

The top audio and video search terms of 2006 were:

1) George Bush
2) Music Videos
3) Google
4) Red Sox
5) Leo Laporte
6) Iraq
7) Paris Hilton
8) iPod
9) Fantasy Football
10) American Idol

The most watched video podcasts of 2006 included:

1) ABC World News
2) Keith and The Girl
3) X-Play
4) CNN The Grist
5) Rumor Girls
6) ESApod
7) ICONS8)
8) Democracy Now!
9) Diggnation
10) TED Talks

Top 10 Most Played Audio/Video Podcasts of 2006 for PodZinger included:

1) WMMR’s Preston and Steve
2) Radio Leo
3) KitKast
4) ABC World News
5) Keith and The Girl
6) X-Play
7) CNN The Gryst
8) Rumor Girls
9) The Geoff Show: Virgin Radio
10) ESApod

It is interesting to note that this list includes mainstream media entities such as CNN and ABC World News. It will be worth watching to see if this number grows in the future as users shift their media consumption to more portable devices and mainstream media makes more content available on the Web.

Because users of PodZinger are able to search the contents of audio and video content, the search engine can compute actual searches within the content not just directory type searches looking for content on a topic. For those who follow the top searches on a regular basis, PodZinger offers its own Zing Index which tracks who is being talked about in podcasts. This index also tracks the favorite YouTube searches of the week.

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