Microsoft Selling Ads on Live Online

Microsoft is going to run PPC ads on the Live Online site, according to an email sent out today.

The funny part is the difference in the MSN voice as opposed to Google’s or Yahoo’s.

The pitch includes this gem:

Would you be interested in being one of the first-ever
advertisers on one of the world’s largest Web sites (1)?
And reaching an elusive, affluent audience?

The email continues:

Microsoft(r) Office Online, one of the most popular areas of the site, is now open to advertisers.

What is Office Online? It is the online extension of the
Office product suite which includes Word(r), PowerPoint(r),
and Excel(r). This is the site where at-work professionals
improve their productivity using clip art, presentation
templates, and other Office add-ons and services.

With an advertising campaign on Office Online, you can:

– Reach a large, professional audience
Office Online attracts a large number of professionals
Business Professionals, Business Decision Makers,
and Small and Medium-sized businesses.

– Impact a highly engaged audience
Office Online users are actively seeking information.
They’re highly engaged with our content, spending a
significant amount of time on the site. They’ll be well
exposed to your ad in a clean, clutter-free environment.

– Communicate to an at-work audience
Office Online is a haven for the elusive at-work
audience, which is otherwise a challenge to reach.

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