Search Headlines & Links: Jan. 26, 2007

A selection of stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • Microsoft Still Hopeful, But Not Happy With Search Share
    “Advertising revenue grew 20 percent over the quarter and we’re happy with that,” said Chris Liddell, Microsoft’s CFO. “On the search side, we lost market share, and we’re clearly not happy with that.”
  • Googlebombs Defused
    It seems that Google’s Web spam team is sick and tired of the practice of linking an unflattering phrase to a person’s name to make a (usually political) statement.
  • Google, YouTube and Wikipedia among top global brands
    According to an annual survey by, Google, Apple, YouTube, Wikipedia, Starbucks and Nokia are the top six global brands.

Headlines & News from Elsewhere:

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