Yahoo Gives Tips To Improve Quality Score

Yahoo is trying to help people prepare for the addition of their Quality Score filter that will launch on Feb. 5th. I received an email giving tips which also had links to more details at the Yahoo Search Marketing help area.

Below are some handy tips to improve your quality score.

Tips to Prepare for the New Ranking Model (New Sponsored Search)

On February 5, 2007, we will be launching a new ranking model in the U.S. that will determine an ad’s rank in search results based on bid amount and ad quality. To help you take advantage of our new ranking model, we’ve highlighted the key changes and then provide you with important steps.

Following are the key changes:

* An ad’s rank will be determined by both bid amount and ad quality.
* Ads with higher quality can deliver a lower cost per click and/or may receive better placement on the results page relative to lower quality ads.
* Standard match type ads will no longer receive priority placement over Advanced match type ads.

To take advantage of the new ranking model, you should:

* Include keywords in your ad (use our Insert Keyword feature).

Research indicates that the perceived quality is higher in ads where the keyword is included within the title and description.

You can use the insert keyword feature to dynamically insert the keyword into your title and/or description
* Choose keywords for each ad group carefully.

Grouping keywords into relevant ad groups makes it easier to:
o Craft ads that are more specific and relevant to your keywords.
o Test different landing pages—and potentially increase conversion rates.

For example, if you were selling electronic products, you would want to place keywords related to “camera”, “video games” and “DVD players” into separate ad groups.

In addition, advertisers may consider grouping individual or smaller groups of similar keywords to get a better read on their quality index. Remember, your quality index score is based on combinations of your ads and all your keywords with the ad group.

Learn more about the new account structure.
* Use ad testing.

Ad testing enables you to rotate different ads to learn which one attracts the most customers to your site. You can determine which message, offer or incentive is most effective and relevant — then you can potentially improve your rank in search results by displaying that ad.

Ad optimization is automatically set “ON” within your account so that better performing ads (based on click-through rate) are served more frequently. You can also choose to turn it “OFF” within your ad group settings.
* Use our Excluded Keyword feature to help optimize your Advanced match type ads.

If you use the Advanced match type distribution tactic, and to help maximize the relevancy of your listings to search users, make sure you take advantage of Excluded Keywords, which are words or phrases that prevent an ad from matching a search query.
* Review your current bids and set a campaign budget to meet your business goals.

We strongly recommend that you confirm your bids to ensure that you are comfortable with possibly paying close to the bid amount for each keyword. As always, we recommend that you set your bids to meet your business goals.

See our FAQs for more information.

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