Stone Temple Interview with Jim Sterne

Eric Enge at Stone Temple Consulting continues his string of search-related interviews, this time in a conversation with Web analytics luminary Jim Sterne. Sterne is one of the most respected names in the Web analytics field, president of Target Marketing, president of the Web Analytics Association, producer of the worldwide Emetrics Summits, frequent SES speaker … and an all-around great guy, to boot.

He offers some sage advice for new sites: “The very most important thing that any company needs to do is, answer the question, ‘why do you have a Web site?’ And by that, I mean, ‘how do you define success?'”

He suggests marketers “figure out what constitutes success, determine which metrics will reveal whether or not they are getting closer or further away from success, and then start getting involved in continuous improvement.”

He follows that with a word to those sites when they implement Web analytics for the first time: “Whatever you do, don’t believe the first reports that come out of it. You are not going to have implemented it correctly.”

The entire interview is well worth a read.

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