Rand Fishkin, the SUPER Man

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz comes clean with a super secret… he was “that guy” who wanted to propose to his girlfriend during a SuperBowl commercial. Yes folks, the blogger behind MySuperProposal.com was in fact Rand Fishkin, and with a lot of help from Joseph Morin, CEO & Founder of Storybids.com, they almost pulled off the best play of Superbowl XLI. And it probably would have had the most talked/blogged about Superbowl commercial of 2007.

When the inital plans to raise money for a commerical slot or find an advertiser to sponsor the proposal fell through, CBS almost stepped up to the plate to air the 15 second proposal for FREE, based on the viral buzz the MySuperProposal blog had created. By the halftime show, (hello, who would have preferred to see this over Prince?) Rand knew it wasn’t going to happen during the big game. So Plan B followed: air this simple spot locally during his long time girlfriend’s favorite TV show, Veronica Mars, and drop the clip on iFilm.com, followed by a torturous wait for Geraldine’s response.

Watch Rand’s Video Proposal Now:

So that’s not the end of the story, of course – here’s the video of Geraldine’s exciting reaction, which was also posted on iFilm.com, two hours after the proposal clip:

Danny Sullivan & I also discussed the impending proposal, earlier in the day on the Daily Searchcast, where you may catch me *nearly* letting some of the secret slip!

In addition to the details on MySuperProposal, SeattlePI.comhas much of the local scoop and backstory on how the project evolved, and I’m sure the SEO blogosphere is going to buzzing about this, but let me (and the team at SEW) be the first to say:

Congratulations, Geraldine & Rand!

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