Krugle Partners with the Yahoo Developers Network

Krugle, Inc., the code search engine for developers, announced today a partnership with the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN). This partnership will result in Krugle providing search functionality to YDN users.

Yahoo! is clearly excited about this partnership. The YDN home page, which is a blog, is announcing the partnership. You can also see the Krugle search box on the top right of their screen (which has a magnifying glass with a K, for Krugle, in it). This search box shows up throughout the pages of YDN.

Here is an excerpt from the Yahoo post:

Yes, this is the company that Robert Scoble was recently glowing about:

“I keep hearing about Krugle from developers. They tell me it rocks for looking up stuff. Need shopping cart code? Search for it on Krugle.”

In May of last year, Krugle closed a Series B financing round for $6.1 million, so the company seems well poised for growth.

What makes the Krugle product different than traditional web search is that they crawl source code repositories, archives, knowledge bases, and they are able to understand the the inherent structure of the code being searched, allowing them to to offer higher quality searching for programmers.

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