New Social Search Features from Eurekster

Eurekster has announced a whole new set of social features in their Swicki search platform. These new features, discussed here last week, provide substantially more wiki type functionality into their product.

In their press release, CEO Steven Marder said: “Our Swicki (search plus wiki) platform has always allowed users to contribute and collaborate just through their implicit activity; today, with the launch of these new features that allow for Q&A, voting and posting comments, we now make it really easy for users to contribute their vertical, social or local oriented expertise and really emphasize the wiki in Swicki.”

It will be interesting to see how Eurekster continues to progress. One of the big problems with social search platforms of this type is simply getting the end users who search through the resulting search engines to really see a difference. An enhanced overall level of participation in the search experience, and the ability to vote, provides unique new functionality that could scale user engagement.

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