Yahoo Reorg In Full Effect: Advertiser and Publisher Group Changes

Back in December, Yahoo announced a sweeping reorganization that created three new operating groups and shuffled execs to lead those groups. Now details are emerging outlining the structure of the advertiser and publisher group, led by former CFO Susan Decker.

The text of a company-wide memo sent by Decker yesterday has been published online (by TechCrunch, paidContent and others). It details the new structure of her group, which includes marketing, ad sales, and distribution partner duties.

The group will be centered around three functions:
1. Demand Channels: “focused on providing marketing solutions to our advertising customers.”
This group will work with both direct sales (Direct Sales Channel) and self-service online advertisers (Online Channel). The Direct Sales Channel will be led by Greg Coleman, EVP Global Sales, with Wenda Harris Millard and David Karnstedt continuing to report to him. The Online Channel will be led by Rich Riley, who has been promoted to SVP Online Channel & Small Business Services.

2. Supply Channels: “focused on strategically selecting and serving our publishing customers.”
This is where the Yahoo Publisher Network fits in. Hilary Schneider will lead the YPN organization, taking those duties from David Karnstedt, who had been doing it in addition to his direct search sales job.

3. Marketing Products: “focused on matching every advertising offer from our demand channels to the best piece of advertising inventory from our supply channels, whether that is on Yahoo or on one of our publishing partners’ sites.”
Decker calls this group the “‘magic in the middle’ that connects the two customer-centric functions described above.” There are two groups within this division:
Search and Listings Marketplaces, to be led by Tim Cadogan, who has been promoted to SVP, Search and Listings Marketplaces. And Display Marketplaces, to be led by Todd Teresi, who has been named SVP, Display Marketplaces. Cadogan will be responsible for business and product strategy, marketplace design and matching, business operations and policy for products like sponsored search, domain match and the submit family of listings products. Teresi will oversee display and content match, and will take over the yield management and inventory optimization duties that had resided in the sales ops team.

A Product Management team and Engineering team will support the two Marketing Products teams. Mark Morrissey has been promoted to SVP of APG Product Management. Qi Lu, EVP, Engineering, will lead all engineering efforts.

Steve Mitgang and Lisa Morita have left Yahoo, and their teams will be divided among other newly created groups. Product management teams formerly under Mitgang will report to Morrissey, and his former product marketing teams will report to either Cadogan or Teresi. Morita’s customer solutions teams will now report to Riley, and the content solutions teams will be led by Cadogan on an interim basis.

You can keep up with all the changes, or add your own, at the CogMap wiki.

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