Viacom Choose Joost Over Google

Viacom announced it is using Joost – the peer to peer platform – to distribute its content, instead of Google’s YouTube.

A Joost press release stated, “Viacom will be a key content partner and will offer a full range of brands and programming for free to consumers on the innovative Joost distribution platform. Under the agreement, Viacom’s divisions – MTV Networks, BET Networks and Paramount Pictures – will provide television and theatrical programming on the Joost platform”.

Currently still in beta, “Joost will allow users to have free access to thousands of programs and channels not readily available on the Web. Through Joost, viewers can watch programming from many of Viacom’s brands on their computers through a customizable platform with advanced television viewing features such as links that lead to more information or related websites based on the content; and a variety of plug-in applications, such as instant messaging, message boards, and news tickers” the company press release stated.

Founded by Niklas Zennstr̦m and Janus Friis Рthe team that brought us Skype, Joost is powered by a secure, efficient, piracy-proof Internet platform that enables premium interactive video experiences while guaranteeing copyright protection for content owners and creators.

Negotiations between Viacom and YouTube to partner in this area had been discontinued over a month ago, according to reports.

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