Yahoo! Sings The News – Will Investors Sing the Blues

Singing newscasters? Why not just buy the Naked News – or is that next?

Is something wrong at Yahoo! ? Have the patients taken over the asylum?

There have been so many changes and moves going on at Yahoo lately that you need a dance card to keep track.

Okay every company restructures – and Yahoo has done that a couple of times recently (thanks to whoever leaked the memo giving a better idea of what motivated things over the past couple of months).

Staff are being juggled, people are leaving – okay.

Yahoo is pushing search into a corner – well in the case of International (for now) it is being combined with the media sales division (sort of like how MSN has been doing it).

In China they are moving to a business search engine – so niched search seems to be getting tested. If it succeeds in Asia watch for Europe and then the US to follow suit. Hey it is about being profitable, right…. leave the egos at the door and don’t screw with the stock price!

Adapting the popularity and future potential of social networking, Yahoo has started some creative niched social portals. The Pontiac users group is an interesting case study (I have an article to write about this and will post it soon). The concept is a solid one that employs many of the Web 2.0 elements.

The stock price has been up and down lately – so I think investors would love to see a little unity and direction.

Hey maybe the crooner can sign the stock prices – at least that way they sound better!!!

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