Marchex Adds Conversion Tracking

Marchex, the company that runs Enhance Interactive and the Marchex Content Network announced it will be adding conversion tracking to its PPC advertising platform.

Marchex’s new conversion tracking feature allows advertisers to easily designate and track five different types of conversions, including i) sales; ii) leads; iii) sign-ups; iv) views of key pages and v) clicks on specific links on designated pages. It also enables advertisers to better track performance by keywords and make modifications to their campaigns to improve their conversion rate and ROI, the company’s press release explained.

The updated reporting tools and improvements to the user interface in the account management system (AMS) are designed to help advertisers more quickly and easily access key campaign performance data and make modifications to their campaigns. Advertisers can download reports based on account, campaign and keyword performance into Excel or .csv formats, while new time filters make it easier for advertisers to compare performance data over different time periods. Improved ‘saved report’ functionality makes it easier for advertisers to find the exact saved report they want, based on selected accounts, campaigns or time periods.

In addition, Marchex updated the keyword editing functionality and navigation within the AMS user interface, while expanding the results display, making it easier for advertisers with large keyword lists and several campaigns to manage multiple changes to specific keywords or advertisements.

“The combination of conversion tracking, new reporting tools and improvements to the account management system user interface will better enable our advertisers, particularly large advertisers, to optimize their performance of their campaigns and better assess their ROI on our networks,” said Scott Greenberg, Marchex SVP of Advertising Services. “These are important steps in our initiative to deliver high quality traffic to our advertisers and to arm them with more of the tools and information they need to maximize and measure their campaigns.”

Conversion tracking is free to Enhance Interactive and Marchex Network advertisers and enables them to view conversion data by campaign, advertisement and keyword, all available through the AMS. This includes detailed instructions on how to easily install conversion tracking.

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