SEO Mind Crime? More Anti-SEO Ignorance

UK marketing firm Warrington Web Works is the latest to declare that SEO is dead. Warrington’s CEO Anthony Fallon is basing this statement on the fact that he was able to quickly rank for the entirely meaningless keyword “SEO Mind Crime.” While Fallon’s assertions that creating relevant content is important will not be disputed, it’s been argued again and again that content alone is not enough, especially in competitive industries.

Fallon’s “SEO Mind Crime” takes the example of an SEO firm that guaranteed a top ten position on Google for three years, asking £15,000 (US$29,000). As has been done many times in the past, a single example of a less-than ideal SEO contract is being held up as the norm, and tarnishing the entire industry.

I’m assuming we’ll see the “SEO Mind Crime” rebuttal from the SEO community in 3…2…1…

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