Blog Readers Are Loyal and Want to Be Entertained

Forget about getting that new puppy, if you want loyal, trusting, and eager to be entertained – just write a good blog. A new study on blog readership conducted by Ad Age and Vizu Answers has found that blog readers are loyal, trusting and eager for entertainment. Most readers read the same blogs regularly. Two thirds of study respondents read more than three blogs per day and a similar number of respondents indicated that they read for entertainment. Over half of the respondents (51.5%) judge the quality/trustworthiness of the information by the quality of the writing. The study also surveyed Spanish-speaking blog readers and found similar readership patterns.

Two findings are of special interest to search engine marketers looking for ways to grow traffic and gain credibility. The first is the finding that 67.3% of the respondents follow links to learn about new blogs. This provides a value for linking beyond SEO. The second is that blog readers rely upon recommendations on blogs (22.9%) more highly than simply finding a blog via a search engine (19.9%). Want credibility? Look to links from the community and the community’s recommendation.

According to the study a good blog is well-written (43.9%), and for 43.6% the topical focus is what draws the reader to the blog. Looking to become a trusted source? Get a positive reputation, for this is how 38% said they judge credibility.

Although the readership of blogs has increased exponentially in just a few short years, most readers indicated that they used blogs as a tracking tool as opposed to a research tool. A full copy of the study is available at

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