AP, Microsoft Joint Venture Video Platform

The Associated Press is launching a new video platform, courtesy of Microsoft, to help its news affiliates to better monetize their online video content.

Both Microsoft and AP confirmed they will be launching the new product in the next 30 days, Silicon.com reported today.

The previous platform was customised by Microsoft using a platform from MSNBC, Silicon.com noted, but “the new platform, however, uses technology developed specifically for the news wire service”, according to Jim Kathman, AP’s director of product management for global broadcast.

The platform will allow the partners to sell ads that will be served along with their content, Silicon.com noted.

1,500 media companies have signed on to be affiliates, AP has reported.

The new system will allow tagging and categorizing the news, as well as syndicate the content, sell localized advertising and upload one version of the video but have it available in both Mac and PC formats.

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