Get Some Video Ad Accountability

The biggest players are still scratching their heads about how to define and quantify accountability, based on what we heard at ClickZ’s Online Video Ad confab on Monday.

* Google: Raja Moonka says you need to conduct surveys that measure purchase intent and brand favorability.
* Yahoo: Theresa LaMontagne recommends using scanner panels, to note the lift from sales.

To me, it seems like accountability should not be solely based on these after-the-fact measures, which incorporate all media placements used in branding campaigns.

Instead, let’s start by measuring something about online video ads and their current consumption patterns. This isn’t impossible to do.

Most video advertisers target specific demos or interests and make buys on specific domains. Thus they should gauge interest levels based on delivered impressions, streams and streamers.

We know that NetRatings and comScore are imperfect, but they invest in tremendous online panels and report metrics from them. These web analytics companies can provide ongoing, trended results for the largest video advertisers and domains.

As Ad Server companies start providing inventory, they can offer another perspective and reliably report what video ads have been trafficked and delivered across domains.

For this new video ad marketplace to gain traction, these suppliers should create metrics that work for large and small advertisers alike. There should be some standards out there, to drive accountability across these buys.

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