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Vertical publishers like have clearly evolved in the last year alone. They used to think about video as a separate island, shown in a pop-up window. Now they want all media integrated within their sites, as a traffic performance boost.

About provides information on 650 separate topics. Expert guides write their own content and 1.6 million pieces have been created overall. According to Jessica Luterman, just 60 “how-to” videos were created through last year. These videos weren’t easy enough to find or use, and it was impossible to tie ad revenues to them.

About recently began integrating videos within their updated content pages. See the full transcripts, related videos, text and articles surrounding videos, in this Knife Safety example.

Video inventory has increased ten-fold, to 650 videos this year. Some 1,500 original videos are expected by next year. The process for creating videos has been vastly simplified, and it’s possible to scale quickly.

The main video topics include autos, gadgets, food, health, home, parenting and style. About is focused on producing video content where there’s current ad demand, a genuine benefit to showing information in video format and core non-video content strength.

About attracts over 32 million uniques monthly to their domain. Their content is highly searchable from the organic search engines already. By integrating video-related content, especially the transcripts, they continue building on their SEO strength. As video content grows, they may be able to push time-spent metrics as well.

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