Lycos Europe Rebranding As Jubii in US

Lycos has been a player on the web long before Google came along. The company’s history almost mirrors the rollercoaster ride of the web itself.

Now having lost the rights to its own name in the United States, Lycos Europe is rebranding itself as Jubii for the US market, while continuing as Lycos Europe in other areas. Lycos Inc., owned by Korean media company Daum, will continue to use the Lycos brand in the U.S.

Jubii is a Danish search and portal company that the Lycos Europe company owns.

The company hopes to ride the popularity of Web 2.0 features that it serves through some of the other companies Lycos acquired over the years.

Lycos Europe CEO Christoph Mohn believes that despite having occurred losses in 27 of the last 28 quarters that the 700-person plus comapny can still get back to profitability.

“I am confident we will have many profitable years… this company is a little bit behind the large players in terms of being nicely profitable, but we really started again in 2001,” Mohn told Big Mouth Media. “Give us two or three years. You’ll see a lot different Lycos Europe than you see now.”

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