Kinetic Results Now Dexterity Media

Dallas-based search and social media marketing firm Kinetic Results has rebranded itself as Dexterity Media, and founding partner Kevin Ryan has left the company.

“We’ve been working for the last year or so on ways to promote social media, and we think we’ve got the formula down now,” Tony Wright, Dexterity’s VP of client services, told SEW. “We’ve had tremendous demand for these services, and we wanted our name to more closely reflect what we do.”

Kinetic, itself founded amidst an exodus from Zunch Communications in October 2005, has shuffled execs once more. Ryan’s departure is not directly related to the name change, which was in the works prior to his decision to leave, Wright said. The team at Dexterity is now made up of Giovanni Gallucci, president & COO; Tony Wright, VP of client services; David J. Wilkie, VP of creative; and Anthony Zapata, VP of client strategy.

Over the past year, Dexterity has built up a podcast network, Media Swamp, as well as a social media optimization planner, which helps clients create a framework for social media marketing. Those services will continue to grow under the new direction of the company, without giving up on its search marketing practice, Wright said. All contracts with existing clients will be maintained, he said.

“We’ll definitely continue to offer search marketing services. We think social media dovetails nicely with search offerings,” he said.

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