E-consultancy publishes online PR briefing

E-consultancy has just published an Online PR Briefing. You can download the 12-page report for free. It includes a summary of a recent roundtable discussion on this topic, plus other information about market trends, search statistics and useful resources.

Katy Howell of immediate future, who spoke at Search Engine Strategies in London back in February, provides a useful overview of where Online PR is in 2007. There is also a debate about the similarities and differences between Online PR and Search Engine Optimization. If you are interested in the crossover between these marketing disciplines, you should also read the blog post by Ken McGaffin of Wordtracker.com.

It is clear from the roundtable discussion that there are still plenty of organizations struggling to grasp how Online PR fits into the bigger picture. One of the reasons for this is that is hard to know which department or agency should own it. Is it part of online marketing or is it something which traditional PR agencies should be doing as part of their job? Part of the issue seems to be that Online PR covers a range of areas from “defensive” reputation monitoring to proactive attempts to drive website traffic which can deliver a clear ROI.

There is plenty more about this in the briefing, including some new statistics about corporate blogs. According to the E-Consultancy Customer Engagement Report, published in November 2006, 35% of companies are planning to use corporate blogs in the next 12 months, and 17% are using them already.

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