Medical Vertical Search Being Chased by Microsoft and Google

A recent post on the business | bytes | genes | molecules blog talks about the investments being made by Google and Microsoft in Healthcare. Both companies are making serious investments in the healthcare vertical search space.

For example, as I wrote here not to long ago, Microsoft has agreed to acquire Medscape, a company that provides vertical search solutions for the health care space. In addition, Google VP Adam Bosworth put up a post on the official Google blog titled: How do you know you’re getting the best care possible?

This post focused on the uncertainty in the quality of healthcare information out there. Because the information we seek online about health care can easily be about life and death decisions, accuracy is a big issue. He goes on to say that Google does not have all the answers, but they want to hear from users.

Watch for a lot more in this space. Health care search is a vertical space that is so large that it’s worth the big boys chasing.

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