Google Website Optimizer Now Widely Available

Google Website Optimizer, which was launched in beta in October, is now being made widely available. The A/B and multivariate page testing tool is being billed by Google as the “third leg” of a “three-legged stool” that is comprised of AdWords to drive traffic, Google Analytics to measure that traffic, and Website Optimizer to convert that traffic into customers.

Zachary Rodgers has the details in his ClickZ News story, Google Unwraps Multi-Variate Site Testing, Anoints Partners:

“The main problem we’re trying to solve is to get people out of the dark ages in terms of how they develop pages,” Tom Leung, Google’s product manager for Website Optimizer, told ClickZ News. “All too often, they’ll just put a page together and maybe the designer will do a few mock-ups, and they’ll point to the one they feel is going to be the best one.”

Google has also teamed with five consulting firms that specialize in conversion marketing to provide options for users that would rather not do it themselves, or who want additional professional services layered in. Those partners are FutureNow, Optimost, EpikOne, ROI Revolution, and

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