Efficient Frontier Offers Agency Program

Search engine marketing firm Efficient Frontier has revamped its offerings to create a set of tools and services designed for non-search agency partners. The services come in three flavors: Enterprise, Partner Agency, and Express Agency. All three can be co-branded or white-labeled for the agency’s clients.

The Enterprise level is for large advertisers who want full-time client services and a fully outsourced approach. Efficient Frontier manages the agency’s clients with a dedicated client team, as it does with its own direct clients. Partner Agency services are for medium to large advertisers who want to use Efficient Frontier’s campaign management platform themselves and let Efficient Frontier handle the data and reporting. Express Agency is a self-service tool for small to mid-sized agencies interested in reselling a co-branded or white-label version of Efficient Frontier’s platform to their clients.

“Both small and large agencies are struggling with how to bring a real search offering to their clients. They don’t want to have to send their clients elsewhere for biddable ad services, but they also don’t necessarily want to invest in the infrastructure necessary to build a search practice themselves,” Michelle Schofield, VP of marketing at Efficient Frontier, told SEW.

The Enterprise offering has been available to direct clients, but has a new interface and new reporting tools for agencies. The Partner Agency and Express Agency levels are new offerings built on Efficient Frontier’s existing platform, she said.

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