MSN adCenter Update Coming Soon

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be briefed on Microsoft’s upcoming adCenter plans. A new release is planned for 4 to 6 weeks, but you can play with it today at the adCenter Beta site. And there is some cool stuff in it.

Here is a summary of some of the things I saw:

  1. Cross campaign keyword search: This is a cool feature where you can search for a phrase at a global level, and adCenter will return all the keywords that use that phrase on a single screen. You can then work on and edit those keywords without having to go in an out of the different individual campaigns.
  2. Pop-up help: Pop-up help will appear next to any item you have questions you have on a topic by hovering over a question mark icon on the screen.
  3. adCenter now supports Firefox: A great improvement for those of us who use Firefox almost exclusively.
  4. Expanded Bulk Upload Capabilities: Bulk uploads can now be done at an individual campaign level.
  5. Tagging and Favorites: If you have a campaign or a set of keywords that need more management than others, these can be tagged so they will automatically show up and be accisble from your initial login screen.
  6. Breadcrumbing: This is a neat new feature that allows you to hover over the breadcrum bar, and then see a list of peer web pages in a drop down list right there. So if you are in a particular campaign, and want to navigate directly to another campaign, you can do that quite easily.
  7. New negative keyword management options: Negative keywords can now be specified at the campaign level

Overall some good improvements in adCenter’s usability and functionality.

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