Yahoo Analytics Getting Attention

Though they have owned Keylime – an early analytics and bid management company – since buying Overture, Yahoo has not really pushed this product until now.

Jennifer Leclair, a writer in the search space who seems to be everywhere lately, has summarized the Google Yahoo analytics situation at NewsFactor.

“Our Web analytics program,” Paul Apodaca, director of program management for Yahoo Search Marketing explained, “was developed from the standpoint of someone trying to understand their Web site’s performance, whether that be a marketer or an IT person. But our Full Analytics program doesn’t show all of those reports. We have tailored the display to suit the specific needs of search engine marketers.”

“The way we deliver information to search engine marketers is different from Google,” Apodaca said. “We aren’t reporting on natural searches. We only report on campaign-related activity. We have the ability to provide something similar to Google Analytics but our philosophy is to arm advertisers with appropriate campaign information.”

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