Click Quality Council Outlines 8 Principles of Click Quality

The Click Quality Council, an anti-click fraud group created by PPC auditing firm Click Forensics, has issued a set of eight principles it feels are necessary to produce quality clicks. The list, issued today at Ad:Tech San Francisco, is the result of a six-month effort by CQC members to identify the key elements needed to deliver adequate quality in pay-per-click advertising campaigns:

  1. Advertisers should never pay for double clicks or repeat clicks from the same session.
  2. Advertisers should never pay for traffic from bots.
  3. Advertisers should have control over where, when and to whom ads are distributed.
  4. Domain and IP exclusion lists from search providers should be easy to use and maintain.
  5. Search providers should provide advertisers detailed referrer information on all traffic that is billed.
  6. Advertisers should never pay for traffic originating outside the specified geo-targeted settings.
  7. Search engines should adopt third-party validation for click quality as other media companies have done for their audience validation.
  8. Search providers should provide an easy mechanism to reconcile paid clicks on a monthly basis.

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